Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Parenting Children with Asperger's Syndrome
Family Dynamics

Recognizing Asperger's in You or Your Spouse by William Stillman
· Broach the subject with your spouse by asking open-ended or leading questions that will provide opportunity for reflection, like, “Do you think our child gets her love of science from your side of the family?”
· Because you are both still assimilating your child's experience, allow yourself and your spouse time to process this new twist on the situation.
· The conversations you have about Asperger's in the family should build slowly and incrementally.
· Avoid guilt, blame, and finger-pointing accusations like, “It's all your fault our child is this way.”
· Offer to explore and research Asperger's Syndrome with your spouse or to provide your spouse with whatever literature you've already gathered.
· Discuss marriage counseling or other professional supports in partnership with your spouse.
Understanding Asperger's as a probability for you and your spouse will be a learning time for you both. It can create marital stress and turmoil, or it can be an opportunity to strengthen and enhance your marriage.

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