Saturday, July 24, 2010

AFRICA! July 23, 2010

We arrived at Nairobi airport at 6:45 AM, secured our luggage and grabbed a cab to the hotel. Our cab driver (Sam) told us a bit about Kenyan politics and the differences between the tribes and their disagreements. The Kokuyu tribe (Sam's tribe) is by far the majority and therefore wins all the elections. While the other tribes feel a need for change and different representation. After the last election, when the incumbent president was reelected, the other tribes rioted, destroyed property, and some 1500 people were killed. Our driver, Sam, lost his safari jeep (it was destroyed by the rioters) and now has to drive a cab - with very little hope of being able to buy another jeep (some $70000).
Kenya money is the shilling. There are about 75 shillings to a dollar.
The drive from the airport was very long and we were stuck in terrible traffic. There were many, many people walking along the road-too poor to afford the local buses. No white faces. It was a little disconcerting.
The Kenyan people, so far, are a handsome people, fit in face and body. They have been exceedingly polite and accommodating to us.
Our hotel room is on the 7th floor with somewhat of a view of the city

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