Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010 Blixen Estate, Giraffe Sanctuary and Carnivores

Today we had a great breakfast buffet and then walked to the nearest ATM with the assistance of the concierge. When we got back we finally met out tour leader and the rest of the people on our tour. We were delighted to discover that there will only be thirteen of us and that we will be split into two groups of six and seven. A lot of the people are older and they were very tired from their travels.
Nevertheless, fifteen minutes after the orientation meeting, we were on the way to the Karen Blixen estate. The grounds were being used for a wedding and the music was blasting all during our tour. Kathy was particularly glad to have visited the house because she had read Blixen's biography. She said the tour guide did a good job of telling the story of Blixen's life.
Next we went to the giraffe sanctuary and fed the giraffes pellets of food from a raised porch. We also had a talk on the different kinds of giraffes (there are nine different types in Africa and three types in Kenya (reticulated, Masai, and Rothschild-this is the most endangered with only some 500 left).
They also had two very healthy warthogs who were fun to watch as they played in the grass.
Lastly, we went to eat at "Carnivores" restaurant. Here they serve all types of grilled meat and carve it off the skewer right at your table. We must have had at least ten different meats with sauces.
We got to meet some of our fellow travelers during dinner but a lot of them were really tired and groggy from the trip.
Tomorrow we leave Nairobi for the Serena Lodge (7200 ft.).

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