Tuesday, July 20, 2010


July 20
We made it to London and I made a discovery -- I brought too much stuff! After hauling two heavy bags through the underground I was desperate to either repack it or get rid of half of it. So, after checking into our very small room at the Corus Hyde Park Hotel, we took the bus to Oxford Street and went shopping.
I had also discovered that the pair of shoes I pulled out of my suitcase at the last minute were the pair I had really wanted to take... so we were shoe shopping az well.
After much walking, people watching (a large Muslim presence here), and shoe trying, Kathy and I both ended up with a pair of shoes.
We then ate dinner at a wonderful Indian food place - YUM!
I am still working on the luggage situation. Tomorrow we go on our organized tour of Cotswold and Oxford.

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