Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aug. 7, 2010. The Last Day in Africa

We left at 6:40 AM this morning after cold water showers and a rushed breakfast. It was hours and hours of driving to get back to the Kenya border. Rough roads and a lead-footed driver made for a difficult journey. We stopped a couple of times for bathroom breaks but mostly just held on. We went through the usual paperwork at the border and then met our new driver, Amus. He had a large passenger van where all eight of us could spread out. The ride was a little more comfortable but still took hours. We finally arrived at the hotel at about 4:00 PM. We were given "day " rooms at the Inter-Continental.
We had time to shower and re-pack our bags before leaving for the airport at 7:00 PM. We would all be returning to London on the same flight. Kathy and I were lucky to get one of the few "pairs" of seats on the plane and we were very comfortable.
Tomorrow - more traveling.

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