Sunday, August 8, 2010

July 31, 2010. Back to Nairobi

We drove ba k to the Inter-Continental Hotel today. It was a long bumpy ride and we didn't arrive until 4PM. Then, instead of taking us to the hotel we had another obligatory gift shop stop in town. Things here were very high-priced. I looked at a ring but $465 was too much! Finally, back at the hotel, we received another orientation from Peter at Vintage Tours and went to our rooms to rest and reorganize.
Kathy developed a neck rash after her massage at the Mt. Kenya lodge and our driver, Yusuf, took her to a pharmacist when we arrived in Nairobi. He gave her some cream and she spent the afternoon treating the rash and cleaning some clothes.
Wehave been struggling with how to organize all our stuff since there have been new purchases.

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